• 827 children and adolescents have benefited from all the corporation's programmes.
  • 907 participants have attended the 10 editions of the film festival.
  • The different education workshops have trained 5,450 attendees.
  • In audiovisual laboratories have participated 470 minors in an age range between the ages of 8 and 16 in locations such as Ciudad Bolívar, Kennedy, Bosa, Santafé, Sumapaz, among others.
  • As a result of the corporation's entire career, more than 100 audiovisual productions have been made.
  • Most children benefiting are low-income, strata 1 and 2, with low schooling, many displaced by violence and armed conflict.
  • "We support a Corporation that with a Film Festival of Children and Adolescents and other initiatives have benefited more than 70 thousand children training them in the audiovisual field", Nikolás Rincón Colombian actor.

    Bogota, June 2020.  "It's very nice to make a short, because I'm also waking up my creativity. I really liked making movies and that's why I want to invite other children to do it, to enjoy it and so they change their lives", these poignant words were spoken by Mathías Manrique Forero a child as young as 11 years old during one of the Audiovisual Laboratories of 2019 of the Corporation Film and Childhood and Adolescent Festival (CFCIA). Precisely this message sums up the reasons why this entity is leading a fundraising campaign to benefit under-resourced children and adolescents in their audiovisual training and in the cultural offer offered to them.  The flagship project of the corporation, is the Film Festival: Childhood and Adolescence, which this year will reach its XI version and which on this occasion will be virtual.

    It is well known that the cultural and entertainment industry sector has been one of the most affected by the pandemic; however, the corporation's teson and effort, coupled with generous community contributions, will allow more children to be enthusiastic, love the seventh art and participate in the scheduled activities.

    The slogan of the campaign is "Dona arte a su vidas", because this is what Dario Alvarado, director of the corporation and its team has been living for more than a decade. It is about supporting children like Adrián Camilo Castillo from the town of Tunjuelito who states that he "has been very happy to know the whole history of cinema and how to handle a camera". There are many such testimonies, but Darius remembers with special emotion a child that when he came out of a screening he thanked him and told him that his life will never be the same again, because now he knew that he wanted to make films and had to strive to achieve it.

A festival to promote real change in children

"We are witnessing the difficult access of children and young people to the arts. Also of the vulnerability condition in which many live. We have reason and strength to continue this work. Each donation motivates a heart, transforms a being into an agent conscious of the power of art and gives him tools to improve his environment," says Dario Alvarado.

The corporation promotes Bogota, as a pioneer city in Latin America according to a visible, leading and full of rights, children and adolescence through the audiovisual construction of its image and identity.

Celebrities added to the cause

This charity party counts as godfather to Colombian actor and filmmaker Nikolás Rincón Gamba. A passionate about nature, cultural issues and committed to social tasks. Nikolás has participated in important productions such as: The Saga, No Tits There is no paradise, Cumbia Ninja and Doctor Mata. In total there are 19 productions between series and novels; 6 films and has been nominated for India Catalina and TV and Novels Awards.

Nikolás knows the project directly, since last year he actively participated in academic activities of the corporation and seeing so many inspired boys, he recalled that he himself had fallen in love with cinema at the age of fifteen. The actor is in the background of film in New York; writes and direct shorts and therefore understands the creative opportunity represented by the festival for the bogotana childhood.

"I think it is in these kinds of social initiatives that we must put all our efforts to build country. A donation in this case will be the possibility of generating a real change in the lives of these children in a situation of vulnerability", says Nikolás Rincón.

The event also counts as a godmother of disability and inclusion to the model with Down Andrea Cano syndrome who will be permanently encouraging on her social networks to the donation and who sends the following message: "Cinema is as fun as life".


We can all support the children who will learn with the exhibitions, workshops, talks and conferences of the festival and the other activities of the corporation.  Donations are already open. You can donate as much as each person can. Donations will be rewarded with a great thank you video of children who benefit during the 2020 activities.

Transparency: All the money raised directly supports the services the corporation offers to under-resourced or vulnerable children and young people. The donation allows the sustainability of a Colombian children's project.

The corporation

A non-profit organization that since 2010 develops cultural, educational and social projects through audiovisual, in order to provide experiences that improve the quality of life of children, adolescents and young people in Colombia. The corporation's work focuses on three main fronts:

  • Film Festival: Childhood and Adolescence.
  • Audiovisual Laboratories: Program based on literacy and script creation.
  • Artistic education: Program that combines the area of heritage and audiovisual to strengthen cultural appropriation in this subject in a creative and practical way.

    Darío Alvarado Rojas, cultural entrepreneur with experience in the development of audiovisual projects and advice on related activities. It has been linked to the audiovisual medium since the early 1990s, especially in the areas of management, design, coordination and management of cultural projects in the audiovisual field. They stand out among his activities: Director of the Corporation Film and Children and Adolescents Festival; from 2010 to the present, Assistant of the Film Department of the Museum of Modern Art of Bogota between 2002 and 2009; logistics support coordinator of the Eurocine Festival in 2002 to 2006, among others.


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