The XI FESTIVAL OF CINE: CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENCE -2020, is a party with circulation spaces and audiovisual training for children, adolescents and young people. This year, our online version will feature virtual exhibitions, workshops, master class, talks and a specialized virtual course, all by hand with great national and international experts. In the previous 10 editions we have benefited 69,907 participants.

General Objective:

Our fundamental objective as an independent film festival, is to promote Bogota, as a pioneer city in Latin America based on a visible, leading and full of rights children and adolescence through audiovisual construction.

Our goal by 2020 is to benefit 8,000 participants from the 20 locations in the city.


Guardians of my rights and duties: A place of transformation of art and culture. 


September 05-12 – 2020

What is it?

Children and adolescents will access an audiovisual program consisting of national and international short films of animation and fiction, as well as a category of television series, another for preschool and children and the category of the "Festicine Award" that is awarded to audiovisuals made by children. These exhibitions will be accompanied by playful reflection activities on the thematic axis.