Encourage awareness, appropriation and strengthening of Colombian/Colombian identity and diversity since childhood. Through the realization of a training cycle that combines conceptual technical instruction, on audiovisual with recognition of the richness of culture and its customs.

This project becomes relevant in the sense that it addresses one of the largest silent problems in the national territory. There are invisible barriers between populations of different sectors of the same state such as Colombia: the marked social and economic inequalities, the development gap between the urban and rural sectors, to which are added the consequent lack of access to basic services both humanly vital and educational, cultural and social integration opportunities, gaps that prevent us from recognizing ourselves, as parts of the same territory, sharpening individualistic attitudes, a lack of credibility and projection, and indifference and selflessness to the other. It is essential that the project makes it useful, recognized and promotes real respect for the diversity of a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural population such as Colombia.com.

 It aims to explore and recover important aspects of that identity, to work them in depth, to think collectively from the perspectives of the community and to capture them in a forceful, dynamic, visible and high-impact way, as it can means audiovisual, which ultimately leads people to reacquire the possibility of agency and voice over their own lives.

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