We are a non-profit Entity; since 2010, it has been developing cultural, educational and social projects through audiovisual, in order to provide experiences that improve the quality of life of children, adolescents and young people in Colombia.


We promote the development of cultural programs and educational spaces, through audiovisual, that promote the recognition of human rights as well as the personal, cultural and integral development of the children's and youth population in Colombia; providing them with tools and knowledge to significantly improve their living condition.


By 2028 we will be recognized at the local, national and international level as an entity that engages with the children and adolescents of Colombia, providing them with educational spaces that promote culture, art and audiovisual pieces as tools keys to its healthy development.

Dario Alvarado Rojas,

Social communicator linked to the audiovisual environment since the beginning of the nineties, especially in the areas of management, design, coordination and administration of cultural projects. Coordination of the Film Department of Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá "MAMBO" (2002-2009), and Coordinator of Logistics Support of the Eurocine Festival (2002-2006), Founder of the Festival of Film and Children and Adolescents Corporation.

Liliana Silva Ortega
Pedagogical Coordinator

Bachelor's degree in children's pedagogy. Creator and Coordinator of pedagogical and audiovisual projects aimed at children and adolescents, as an alternative to participation and growth of children and adolescents. Curator. Jury of the Signis International, Divercine International Film Festival for children and young people (Uruguay, 2017). Coordinator of the project "Pedagogical Expeditions" – Heritage and Audiovisual of the extended day aimed at children in the Capital District (2014-2017). Coordinator of pedagogical and teaching projects for early childhood in Fe y Alegría de Colombia. Teacher for early Childhood in Children's Homes of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare.

Claudia Amaya,

Professional in Public Accounting with more than 12 years of experience in the areas of accounting, international standards, financial mathematics, computer science, administration, human resources, finance, audits and tax reviewers. He has worked in companies such as Spice Factory and products "El Rey", Torre Colpatria P.H Building and Foundation "El criollo productions", among others.